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Tag files on your desktop

I like to use a lot of images in my lectures.  Over the years, though, figuring out ways to label and organize them has been frustrating.  For the most part, I’ve saved images in the file folder of the course I’m teaching at the time.  So, in Greek History, I have folders of images of […]

Creative Commons

These days what we can and can’t do (legally speaking) is a huge mess. Laws change, lawsuits abound and we as educators are left scratching our heads. While luckily we have a bit more leeway in education than the general public, it’s a beautiful and terrifying gray area we are trying to navigate through. Understanding […]

Meet Jeremy Robinson

Hello all! My name is Jeremy Robinson and was invited a couple of months ago to start contributing to the Teachers Talking Technology blog, and so this is me accepting. 🙂 I wanted to quickly introduce myself to all of those who might not know me, or who might not know my background. I was […]

New Changes in Dropbox

What’s new in Dropbox, everybody’s favorite online backup, syncing, and sharing service?  Probably many of you have already discovered the life-changing impact of Dropbox for syncing files across various computers, saving your documents safely in the cloud as well as on your computer, and sharing documents with colleagues and students.  But what you probably don’t […]

Using Powerpoint for drills

I like to start classes with a quick drill to help student switch gears and review material.  I’m teaching Greek this semester, and visual aids like flashcards or worksheets are really important because so many Greek forms and words can only be differentiated visually.  It can get cumbersome, though, to keep writing or printing “flashcards” […]

On margins, fonts, and paper usage

As I was carrying the 80 page faculty meeting packet from my post office box back to my office, I started to think again about paper usage on campus.  Last semester, Chloe Radcliffe pointed out that reducing default margin sizes from 1.25 inches to 0.5 inches reduces paper usage by 25%, and I see that […]

Steps toward a paperless classroom

Gustavus student, Chloe Radcliffe, has posted a video for her civic engagement project that asks students and faculty to work together to find ways to reduce a student’s printing load. In the video, she demonstrates steps that faculty can take to encourage a paperless classroom, including accepting electronic assignments on Moodle and making comments directly […]


This blog will be used to share information relevant to faculty interested in exploring how various technologies might useful to their teaching and scholarship.  We’ll post technology tips, ideas for your classroom, helpful websites, and useful software among other topics. Posts that describe software or websites that may be useful to you will be in […]