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Cool Web Apps for Work

Mashable has a list of 5 Simple Web Apps For Saving Time At Work. The whole list is well worth looking at, but I thought I’d take a minute to go over the few that stood out as being the most useful. 1. Zamzar …for converting files from one format to another. You can convert […]

Tag files on your desktop

I like to use a lot of images in my lectures.  Over the years, though, figuring out ways to label and organize them has been frustrating.  For the most part, I’ve saved images in the file folder of the course I’m teaching at the time.  So, in Greek History, I have folders of images of […]

Using Powerpoint for drills

I like to start classes with a quick drill to help student switch gears and review material.  I’m teaching Greek this semester, and visual aids like flashcards or worksheets are really important because so many Greek forms and words can only be differentiated visually.  It can get cumbersome, though, to keep writing or printing “flashcards” […]