Learning technology podcasts Posted on September 30th, 2009 by

Joshua Kim at Inside Higher Ed is starting a list of podcasts that are useful to those interested in learning technology.  From his list, the one that caught my eye was Tech Therapy from the Chronicle of Higher Education with podcasts such as, “How To Start Talking About Green IT” and “Why Not Outsource E-Mail,” and in their archives, I even found one centered around “Fitting Technology Into New Campus Buildings,” which might be helpful as we continue planning for the new academic building.  From the transcript…

When you were talking about flexibility, a word that I started to use with folks when it comes to technology is try to make the buildings agile and the technology needs to be agile.  It really is – if it can go five years, four or five years before a major change with technology that’s lucky.  So it needs to be at even more of an agile pace.  It’s not just mere flexibility in my mind. Fitting Technology Into New Campus Buildings


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