Create a shortcut for Gustavus profile searches Posted on September 10th, 2014 by

When a new student or colleague emails me, I like put a name with a face, so I search for them on the Gustavus website and navigate to their Profile page. If you find yourself doing this frequently too, you can speed up the process by creating a keyboard shortcut for a restricted search that can be launched from your address bar. For example, after setting up the shortcut, now when I go to my address bar (⌘+L) and type “grib rebecca bergman,” President Bergman’s Gustavus profile page is the only result returned. This is done by adding a new search engine to your web browser that only searches the Gustavus domain for “People” results. Most browsers have this functionality, if you use Chrome, check out their instructions for “Add, edit, or remove search engines“. Below I’ve listed what I used to fill in the required fields for the new search engine. All the work is done by the URL listed below. Naming the search engine “Gribly” and the shortcut “grib” is just a remembrance of times past. You are welcome to choose anything memorable and easy to type for those fields.

New Search Engine: Gribly
Keyword: grib


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