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Inspired by the Lifehacker series on how people work, I thought I would list the major computer applications I use and then follow up with a post about each in the coming weeks.

I could group my applications into four clusters: 1) Productivity (Gmail, Google Calendar, Todoist, text expander) 2) Content management (Evernote) 3) Storage (Dropbox) 4) Social media and news (Twitter, Feedly, Buffer, IFTTT)

Gmail (archiving, labeling, filters, auto-send attachments to Dropbox)

Google Calendar (appointment slots for students; meeting times with reminders; integrates with to-do lists)

Todoist (to-do list that integrates with Google calendar; cross-platform—browser, desktop app for Mac and Windows, iPhone app & Android app )

Evernote (searchable notes, documents, pdfs, photos, web-clippings, etc)

Dropbox (cloud storage syncing content between computers)

Twitter (tag stories for your classes)

Buffer (space the timing of your tweets)

IFTTT (automate sharing between apps like Dropbox, Gmail, Evernote, Google calendar, Word Press)

You are already using or are familiar with a lot of these. But there are some new and interesting tricks that can be done with old favorites like Dropbox, Gmail and Google calendar. I will write out each of these in more detail and provide specific examples of how I use each for my own research, teaching and personal interest.




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