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Todoist is a task/to-do list application that integrates with Google Calendar. Todoist is multi-platform with a stand alone desk top application for Mac and Windows, an iPhone and Android app, plus a nice Chrome browser extension. I like the fact that I can access it from any web-browser in addition to having easy access to the […]

My name is _______ and this is how I work.

Inspired by the Lifehacker series on how people work, I thought I would list the major computer applications I use and then follow up with a post about each in the coming weeks. I could group my applications into four clusters: 1) Productivity (Gmail, Google Calendar, Todoist, text expander) 2) Content management (Evernote) 3) Storage […]

Testing accommodations for students in Moodle 2.5

Previously, when Gustavus was using Moodle 1.9, I mentioned that testing accommodations could be made for students by creating a new group for those that requested extra time on quizzes or exams. Now that we are using Moodle 2.5, making accommodations has gotten easier. Instructors can use a quiz’s “User Overrides” option to setup up different […]

Re-thinking Email

I spend way too much time on email. It’s one of the biggest time consumers in my day-to-day life. I often talk about email with my students and my expectations for how they use email, but I realize that many of my colleagues and others could also benefit from some simple email rules. The first thing I […]

Tweetle while you work

“Tweetle while you work” is the Teachers Talking Technology session this coming Tuesday, March 19th. Join us for a discussion of different uses of Twitter in academic life. The session will feature panelists Sean Cobb, who uses Twitter to establish more connections with other film scholars, and Kristian Peterson, who uses Twitter to continue course […]

The impact of MOOCs on Gustavus

Join us for Teachers Talking Technology this upcoming Tuesday, February 19th, to discuss the impact of MOOCs on Gustavus. We will have table discussions about the role online courses and MOOCs in higher education and how(if) they will change the Gustavus academic program. You can find links to recent articles on the topic at Program […]

Class Schedule Generator

This afternoon I was working on updating my class schedules for the Spring 2013 semester and wondered if others across campus were doing the same. Many things went through my mind during this time, but the 2 most relevant were (1) why are we all doing the same task when one person could figure out […]