How to view helpline tickets

Posted on February 27th, 2012 by

Whenever you contact the GTS helpline (x6111 or, a ticket is created in their support suite. You can check to see who has been assigned your ticket and followup on its status by visiting When you visit this website, you will be asked to enter your Gustavus username (omit and password.


After you login, click on “View Tickets” and all the tickets that you have submitted to GTS will appear on your screen. If you have submitted numerous tickets, you can click on “Hide Resolved Tickets” and your list will only show tickets that are still being worked on.


If you click on the title of a ticket, you can view the email that you sent GTS or the notes that GTS entered when you called helpline. In addition, you can find out who is working on your ticket (i.e., “Owner”). If you have new information about the problem or want to send a follow-up inquiry, use the “Post Reply” button. Using this feature will update your ticket in the support suite software and automatically send an email to the Owner of the ticket.











Once a ticket has been resolved, you will be given an opportunity to provide feedback to GTS. This feedback (your star rating and comments) is saved in the support suite with your original ticket and a copy of it is emailed to the person who helped you resolve the ticket.


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