Download all Moodle assignments as zip file

Posted on September 18th, 2011 by

This morning I noticed that if you scroll to the bottom of a Moodle assignment page, you can download all the assignments submitted by your students as one zip file. I hope that this feature was added as part of the Gustavus Moodle upgrade this summer because, otherwise, I feel pretty silly for clicking at least 64 times in order to download every student’s assignment last semester (each time an assignment was due).



  1. Sean Cobb says:


    I’m trying a new application this semester called MailDrop. If the students send my their papers with the word MailDrop in the subject line, the papers are automatically saved to my Dropbox folders. In the future, if I ever buy an iPad, I hope to grade all my papers using this system.

  2. One additional nice feature of downloading the assignment as a zip file is that Moodle will automatically add the student’s full name to the beginning of the file name, removing the problem of having 20 files all named “Assignment #1”.

  3. Deborah Goodwin says:

    Thanks so much, Kyle. I rate this a more than helpful: it’s a life-saver! I can appreciate the merit of MailDrop, but for successive drafts, I like the students to have access to papers on Moodle (as an archive).