t3 Idea Exchange Summary

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At the last Teachers Talking Technology session of the Spring 2011 semester, 21 faculty members gathered to generate topics for the t3 sessions during the upcoming academic year and a list of campus technology needs. Below are the points and issues that were raised. If you have additional ideas or would like to elaborate on any of the points, please do so in the comments section.

Possible t3 Sessions

  • Program on automating letters of recommendation requests including document submission
  • Program on flash animation
  • Electronic submission of papers with feedback cycle
  • Impact of mobile devices on classroom
  • Prezi for presentations
  • Minecraft and other video games (e.g., virtual plague–>epidemiology)
  • Xtranormal for debates
  • Diigo for marking up a web article
  • Zotero for citation management
  • Refresher session on use of video/DVD clips
  • Moodle courses Beg/Int/Adv, including quiz feature
  • Creative uses of Moodle
  • Poll everywhere and other clicker options
  • Survey monkey
  • Podcast
  • Listening Exam
  • Effective use of tablets in the classroom

Campus Technology Wishlist

  • Dedicated staff to research technology and collaborate with faculty members on the integration of technology and pedagogy.
  • Continued progress toward Academic Technology Education and meeting the needs of academic programs.
  • Improvements in website design to facilitate finding resources related to technology at Gustavus. For example, it would be nice to have an archive of past t3 presentations and resources on the Kendall Center’s website and a menu-driven front-end to the GTS wiki.
  • Installation of WordPress plug-ins that would allow for publishing, peer review, co-authorship (e.g., commentpress and anthologize).
  • Continued training on new and existing technology at a variety of times during the day to accomodate different teaching schedules.
  • A laptop bank for use by students for projects, in-class assessment and evaluations is desirable.
  • The list of names for email list-serves needs to be more editable.
  • Make projector remote controls available in the classrooms so that projector can be controlled from any location (e.g., during student presentations).
  • An AI for evaluating essay exams.
  • Because of the ubiquitous use of Youtube and Kahn Academy, we are faced with real challenges for classroom projection–needs to look and sound good and provide closed captioning.
  • Our need for bandwidth is infinite.
  • More Moodle support and a Moodle-specific help desk
  • A tablet (iPad, Android) to give presentations. Ability to see the slides on tablets, write on the tablet, point at regions, etc.
  • The ability to use two projectors projecting the same or different materials, which would allow one to have a problem on one screen and work out the solution on the other.

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