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As you prepare for Fall classes, you may want to gather student information to help create your course gradebook.  You can do this on the first day of class using a Google Form, but here are three different ways of getting some data during the summer.

First, you can use your Moodle course page.  After choosing the course that you want, click on “Grades” in the left sidebar.  Then choose “Export” and choose the file type for the data.  In the example below, I have chosen to export the data as an Excel file.

When you open the exported Excel file, it will include the students’ first and last names as well as their Gustavus email addresses.  It will not include their Gustavus ID#.  Instead, it just repeats their email name in the ID Number column.  You will need to repeat this process for each of your classes.

Second, you can use Web Advisor to gather this information.  After logging into Web Advisor and choosing “Class Roster,” select the class you want to view.

After clicking submit, you will see a list of all the students in your class.  Web Advisor doesn’t have an Export feature, but you can highlight the column headers and student information for your class and copy & paste that information into Excel.  By default, Excel will paste it in HTML format, which will maintain the appropriate separation between columns.  However, it will also maintain some formatting (e.g., text wrap and shading) that you may want to change.  Unlike Moodle, Web Advisor gives you a student’s Gustavus ID# and their class (1, 2, 3, 4…).  You will need to repeat these steps for each course that you are teaching.

Finally, you can use Informer (contact Mary Milbradt to setup your account before completing the following steps). From the reports tab, click “Launch” to the right of “Dept Class Rosters Report for Academic Depts,” which will bring up a screen similar to the following.  Fill in the empty fields with the semester, department, and your last name.  Then, click “Launch Report.”

After a few seconds, at the bottom of the screen, you should see a list of your classes.

Once this shows up, then you can use the “Export Results” button in the upper right-hand corner of the window, which will give you these options.

I chose a .csv file, which I opened in Excel.  As you can see below, Informer does include the Gustavus ID# but it does not include a student’s current class designation.  However, Informer does export all of your classes at the same time (which is useful if you maintain one gradebook for two sections of the same course).



  1. Carolyn Dobler says:

    Thanks, Kyle! I never have liked using WebAdvisor to generate class lists (too cumbersome), but using moodle or informer will be MUCH easier. Your tech tips are great!

  2. Dwight Stoll says:

    Thanks Kyle……….again.

  3. Yurie Hong says:

    Oh wow. This is *so* much easier than what I’ve been doing. Thanks, Kyle!