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Doodle for polling and scheduling

Last year, I planned an event for both sections of my Developmental Psychology course, which is about 60 people.  Trying to find the time when the most people could attend was made easier by using a free service called Doodle.  It allows you to choose potential meeting times.  Then gives you a link to send […]

Screen recording

In classes or research collaborations, you may need to demonstrate how to perform certain computer tasks such as, creating a Figure in Excel, contributing to a Moodle forum, or searching for journal articles in a discipline-specific database. While doing these demonstrations, you could use screen recording software to record your actions and then make these […]

Do internet-based technologies enhance learning outcomes?

Kelly Marsh addresses whether internet based technologies can enhance learning outcomes and motivate students to participate in the instructional process and includes links to more popular internet technologies and potentially effective ways to use them in the classroom. Has an internet technology improved learning in your classroom?  If so, let us know what you tried in […]

Saving local copies of web videos

The number of short videos posted online relevant to class discussions continues to increase.  Ideally you would stream these videos from the source website*; however, occasionally streaming problems arise (e.g., jumpy playback or slow buffering times).  That’s where services like Vixy and KeepVid can come in handy.  They allow you to save a local copy […]


Firefox users might be interested in trying out LibX: Gustavus Adolphus College Edition.  FBML has a nice summary of the extensions main features. One of my favorite features is the ability to see whether Gustavus has a book that I discover while visiting Amazon.com–why buy it when you can check it out on campus (Thanks, […]

Upload multiple files to Moodle

Getting ready for classes and thinking about uploading a lot of pdf articles to your Moodle course page?  Be sure to watch this video which demonstrates how to combine multiple files into one compressed file before uploading them to Moodle…it will save you a lot of clicking. For Mac users: After you select all the […]